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Lumbini is a small town and a famous Buddhists Pilgrimage. Siddhartha Gautama, the Lord Buddha, born in 623 B.C. and could both walk and talk at that time, was born in the fascinating city of Lumbini, now a famous Pilgrimage centre. It is believed that Buddha himself have identified four places of future pilgrimage in the Parinibbana Sutta, namely, the sites of his birth, enlightenment, first discourse and death. All of these events occurred in open under the trees. To experience the peace of this place, book yourself with Tour Packages for Lumbini, Nepal.


Now listed under the World Heritage Site, Lumbini's geographical positioning was a matter of debate between the Indian and Nepal Government for quite some time. Now, two archaeologists from England's University of Bradford have presented new evidence that Kapilavastu, wherein lies Lumbini, is modern Tilaurakot, a Nepalese town about 130 miles west of Kathmandu.

It is not often that when Buddha's name is mentioned, King Ashoka's is not. In the sacred Gardens of Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha converges the Ashokan Pillar, carrying the inscription identifying the spot as the birthplace of Buddha. It is believed that Lord Buddha's mother Maya Devi, while on her way to her parent's home sat in the gardens to take rest and was convulsed by pains immediately thus declaring the birth of a Great Man. She gave birth while holding a drooping branch of a Sal tree.


The Maya Devi Temple, Puskani Pond, Nepal Buddha Temple and the Lumbini Museum are some of the sites worth visiting on your trip to Lumbini. If you want to visit this sacrosanct birthplace of Lord Buddha, then join us on Tour Packages for Lumbini, Nepal.

Trip Facts

  • Activities: Nepal Tour & Sightseeing
  • Tour Type: Hotel
  • Best Season: Jan - Dec
  • Total Duration: 7 Days
  • Group Size: 1+ pax
  • Max. Height: 1,350 m.
  • Transportation: Drive in / Out
  • Tour Start From: Kathmandu
  • Tour End To: Kathmandu
Detail Itinerary Kathmandu Lumbini Tour
  • Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu
    It is a panoramic thrill flying into Kathmandu on a clear day. The views of snow-capped mountain peaks sprawling down below you are almost ecstatic, beginning a whole chain of memorable experiences that stay with you for a long, long time. A representative and driver from our office will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. The representative will help you check into your designated hotel. At the hotel, you will be briefed about your daily activities.
  • Day 02: Patan city tour (Known as Buddhist Historical city)
    Patan has a long Buddhist history and the four corners of the city are marked by stupas said to have been erected by the Great Buddhist emperor ASHOKA around 250B.C. Later inscriptions refer to palaces in the city in the 5th century A.D., although Patan’s great building boom toke place under the Malla’s in the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Inside the city we can visit other many Buddhist related monuments such as GOLDEN TEMPLE, MAHABOUDDHA TEMPLE, ASHOKA STUPAS, RUDRA VARNA MAHAVIHAR(Monastery) etc.
  • Day 03: Sightseeing of Swoyambhunath and Bouddhanath.
    Swoyambhunath ( Monkey Temple): The oldest Stupa in the Valley dedicated to Buddha. Both are UNESCO International Heritage Sites .
  • Boudhanath: The biggest Stupa in Nepal shown in the film LITTLE BUDDHA, build in the centre of a Mandala with Tantrik forms of Buddha in the niches at the base. It is believe to have been constructed by woman, who managed to acquire the land for the stupa by skillfully cutting the skin of an animal. One of the important sites of pilgrimage to the Buddhists from Tibet & Ladakh.
  • Day 04: Drive Kathmandu-Lumbini 250 kms 7-8 hrs drive
    Lumbini: The birth place of Lord Buddha, as well as the origin of Budhism is situated 250kms south west of Kathmandu and the drive passes through the banks of the famous rivers of Nepal, with places of natural beauty, green forest and terraces. After 4 hrs, you are in the lowland of Nepal, where the roads are straight & wide. Upon arrival to Lumbini Check in with the hotel and rest day free.
  • Day 05: Lumbini- Tilaurakot
    Lumbini:Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha ( PrinceSiddhartha Gautama) the founder of Buddhism, known as the BUDDHA or the enlightened one. This is confirmed by the existence of an inscribed pillar erected 318 years after the event by the great Buddhist Emperor ASHOKA, where you can see the authentic proof that the Buddha has born in Nepal.
  • Tilaurakot: Around an hour’s drive 27km north –west of Lumbini, where the interesting archeological site of Tilaurakot is situated. This has been identified as the ancient Kapilabastu, the Capital of King Suddhodhana, Buddha’s father, and where Buddha himself as Prince Siddhartha Gautama spent the first 29 years of his life.
  • Day 06: Fly or drive to Kathmandu
    From Bhirahawa you can either fly or drive to Kathmandu.
  • Day 07: Departure Kathmandu
    We will take you to the international airport for your flight back home.